Just Change Your Thinking and Everything Will Fall Into Place

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Just Change Your Thinking and Everything Will Fall Into Place

Most individuals see change as something highly undesirable. We are, at our core, emotional animals that seek out and are rewarded by things that make us feel good in the present. We seek solace, and we frequently find it in things that are already familiar and comfortable to us. Because your nervous system and mind are hardwired to locate and attach meanings to everything, encountering anything new is always a conflict between what is and what will be in your mind.

Uncertainty is unsettling because every time you encounter it, your brain and nervous system have to "unravel" it for the first time, and this may be a painful process. When you're no longer challenged by the "unknowns" associated with a situation, your habitual responses may resume. Because of the way our neurological system is wired, we have a tendency to form automatic assumptions based on previously observed patterns and conditioned responses. In reality, the purpose of this method is to aid us in doing more in less time. Your brain is wired to always seek the most efficient solution. Repetition helps us internalize patterns of behavior, such as the order in which things occur and how to act in response to those patterns. If you think about it, every feeling you have is only a sense in your neurological system that was generated and created by your unconscious consciousness.

Knowing these patterns is the first step toward altering them. You need to tune into the workings of your subconscious mind. That's easy enough that even a child could accomplish it. Human nervous system knowledge is not necessary for its usage. Realize that some of your reactions and behaviors are "programmed" by your prior exposures and connections. The difficulty is in shifting from a routine that isn't beneficial to one that is. You'd have to make some radical shifts in your mentality, the way you think about who you are and the world around you. At first, trying anything new will seem awkward, but as you create new habits and routines, you'll soon find that the unfamiliar is really rather familiar.

We develop as people by learning to accept and even embrace what was once frightening or unfamiliar. The term "comfort zone" refers to the set of circumstances in which a person feels most at ease. As a human, you won't grow until you go outside your comfort zone. To develop and improve oneself is a basic human desire. The pursuit of personal development is essential to your happiness. All progress, no matter how unsettling it may be in the short term, ultimately provides a sense of enormous fulfillment—the "good" sensation we all want. Staying with what you're familiar with may be the safe and "good" choice in the moment, but you won't experience genuine satisfaction until you challenge yourself. To broaden your horizons, you have to take risks, and taking risks means leaving what is safe and familiar and going into what is unknown and dangerous.

The reality, though, is that everything in life is in a state of flux. In life, predictability is not a given. Every living thing, including yourself, is built this way. No matter what you do, your life will evolve. To go forward, you must make the decision to proactively begin and generate the change. To make progress, you must intentionally challenge yourself by putting yourself in situations that are outside of your comfort zone. As opposed to the inevitable nature of change, progress may be willed. If you want to be the kind of person you want to be and run your own life, you have to make the intentional decision to change and to keep evolving.

There can be no transformation without a mental shift. The first step is to alter your outlook on the situation. Simply by shifting your perspective, you may alter your reaction to a situation. Changing how you feel may have a dramatic impact on your actions and, ultimately, your success. Attempts to alter someone's behavior on a continual basis are unlikely to result in transformational changes. Just change your thinking and everything will fall into place. If you don't adapt to new circumstances, you won't advance in life.

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